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  • Internet and the Church

    The fact that the church forms the heart of many communities means it is in a unique position to support its communities.
    If you are a member of the local church council and would like to help provide internet into your community then we would really like to talk to you.
    As the church holds a unique position within our communities, both socially and geographically, it is ideally placed to host one of our very discrete transmitters to reach out and extend internet across the community.
    We work very hard with the local Church Council to ensure that our antenna(s) blend in with the building and they have a minimal impact on the look of the church. We aim to make our antenna as invisible as possible.
    If a church agrees to be the main point for our network into the community each church can earn a small income as well as:

    • Free access to basic online services for everyone in the community
    • The option to host hotspots within the church for various events
    • Free community web page development for your local community
    • Free centralised domain name for your emails e.g YOURNAME.com and YOURNAME.refine.ws for backup.

    We have received huge interest from other communities and we are working equally hard as well, so if you are interested in discussing this opportunity with us please contact us.


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