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  • Monitoring Service

    We have our own in-house monitoring team that provides professional round-the-clock support, with an outstanding level of customer care supported by the latest technological advances in systems and software..

    Our service will be provided by dedicated IP networking technology to connect your system to our network, reducing the need for any expensive PTSN/traditional lines. Redundancy is key to a safe and secure monitoring solution, that's why we can provide a 4G internet gateway as backup connectivity. 

    If required or preferred we can offer 3rd party solutions such as BT Redcare or CSL Dualcom, but it is not a solution we would recommend due to the fact Openreach are announcing that they will switch of the PTSN and ISDN networks by 2025. Digital communicators are also becoming obsolete. Although we will never refuse to help the customer, we would not recommend these systems are installed new, and suggest a sufficient IP solution to be provided instead. 

  • Monitoring Examples

    • Intruder Alarm Monitoring
    • Fire Alarm Monitoring
    • CCTV Monitoring
    • Telecare Systems
    • Intercom and Access Control
    • Computer and Network Monitoring
    • Phone System Monitoring including Diverting and Voicemail

    We can also provide bespoke monitoring solutions for systems such as environmental, freezers, medical, mechanical, lone workers etc.

  • Customer Benefits

    • Added protection for crime prevention and public safety
    • All monitored data is stored securely and accessible anytime to be used as evidence
    • Reduce staffing costs by allowing our team to look after your site remotely
    • Peace of mind to property owners/managers including any staff or visitors
    • Coupled with CCTV Monitoring provides visual verification of the on-site situation
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