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  • RefSys SiteBox
    "On-site SoC for real-time monitoring and management with out-of-band access"

    Our affordable SoC solution runs a customised Linux distribution, originally designed to used as a router, therefore offering plenty of applications and tools already available for your requirement. The SiteBox solution is most suitable for a Node/Point-of-Presence or Customer Premises Equipment, although you will find our solution applicable to so much more. 

    Using secure tunnels to our NOC, our team can receive alerts by either call, email, or text until the alert has been answered. Below we have several stand-out features that our SiteBox provides:

  • Access Control

    Magnetic & Motion Sensors can be used to log access to comms rooms or data cabinets, also trigger an alarm to the NOC encase of unauthorised access. 

  • Environment Control

    Using many available protocols we can monitor the temperature/humidity, and control inlet and exhaust fans. Giving insight to environment conditions to prevent overheating.

  • LoRaWAN Bridge

    Depending on the application and the protocols available, we can use either GPIO, a LAN port, or WiFi to connect a LoRaWAN gateway. Using fixed connectivity to pass IoT traffic to the cloud, or using cellular connectivity to keep IoT traffic alive during an outage.

  • NVR or VoIP

    Install Network Video Recording software for additional security or pass SIP traffic to your PBX during an outage. 

  • Network Control

    Using either the onboard Serial Pins or a free USB port, we can connect directly to console ports for remote management:

    • For older hardware with a DB9 console port, a USB-to-DB9 cable with a FTDI chipset is required
    • For later hardware with a RJ45 console port, a USB-to-RJ45 cable (also with a FTDI chipset) is required
    • For utilising the onboard Serial Pins, there are numerous adaptors/cables available to suit your application
  • UPS Control

    UPS systems normally require a dedicated machine to control them such as a "UPS Server". These protocols are also available with solution we provide.

    Software packages such as NUT, allows administrators to monitor and control UPS systems. NUT can also send shutdown signals to safely power down equipment in the event of a failure.

    For APC console ports you need a genuine APC serial cable. or a custom made cable made to their specification. 

  • Other features

    • IoT Cloud Platform
    • Wi-Fi spectrum analysis
    • Convert RS485 / RS232 / Modbus / Ethernet to Wireless
    • Convert BLE / Zigbee / LoRa etc. to IP network
    • Implement a BLE to MQTT bridge easily for your application
    • OpenVPN and Wireguard built-in
    • Device control logic and data processing can be local
    • Data can be stored locally

    The SiteBox also has a built-in battery. Allowing connectivity if power has failed and the UPS is exhausted.

    Although other IoT devices are available for remote management, the multi-functional features of this design will reduce clutter and boost your network's redundancy.

  • For more enquiries please email [email protected], call us free on +44(0)800-069-8223 or open a support request with the Sales Department.

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